Sunday, 30 December 2012

scaffolding/industrial piercing

A Scaffolding piercing sometimes called Industrial piercing (depending on where you live) is two separate helix piercings ( helix and anti-helix ) connected by one straight 14g (1.63mm) barbell.It can also be pierced through the rook.
Scaffolding/Industrial piercings can take from 3 months to a year to fully heal.
Cleaning this piercing is more complex than an average ear piercing.In order to clean the inside folds of the piercing , patience an care is required .
the best way to clean a Scaffolding/Industrial piercing is with a cotten bud (not a cotten ball as it could get cought on the piercing) drenched in warm, uniodized salt water or unscented anti-bactirial soap.

You can get many types of jewlerry for this piercing such as :
^a straight barbell,^
^curved/wavey barbells,^

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